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*Free delivery in Beirut +961 76009444

Free Software

*Free software installation for architects

1 Year Warranty

All our products are guaranteed excluding physical damage and software

Customer support

Facing a problem? Call our team on +961 76009555

Cash on delivery

We deliver to your door steps, and you pay after checking the products.


  • 3 Months warranty excluding physical damage , electricity shocks and power cable.
  • 1 Year warranty of total loss.
  • First 3 months 1 hour minimum usage on balanced mode.
  • 1 Year on all laptop parts exclude adaptor for 1 time use and battery for 3 month.
  • Client have right to exchange laptop in case of manufacturer fault for first week only.
  • Supplier have right to keep laptop up to 2 working weeks to fix and return back in case of huge defection.